Scientific preliminary reports guarantee the quality of your thesis

The sure step to success: preliminary evaluation by professionals

Seasoned academics know the situation as well as prospective graduates and postgraduate students: When projects last for a long time, they lose their sense of assurance about the quality of their own work. What good are arguments and methods, is one’s own judgment actually to be trusted? Has there been a chance of plagiarism somewhere in the multitude of sources used? This often deplored operational blindness compared to the own text creates uncertainty, but often also concerns regarding the expected evaluation by lecturers and university committees.

Academic preliminary reports by experienced scientists and academic authors can work wonders in these cases because they fulfill two essential functions: they provide an objective, scientifically sound statement on the quality of your scientific work and they offer concrete recommendations for any improvements that may be made.

Objective opinion eliminates risks

Scientific preliminary reports are directly related to our offer for academic coaching, as they also represent a scientific advisory service for already existing or partly realized manuscripts and publications. We also offer preliminary examinations across disciplines for all disciplines and academic work formats, for example for bachelor theses, exam papers, diploma theses and master theses, dissertations, as well as scholarship and research applications.

A central feature of our service lies in the exclusive selection of experts. With the preparation of preliminary reports for the academic manuscripts of graduates, undergraduates, graduate students, scholarship holders and junior academics, ACAD WRITE primarily assigns doctoral candidates (university lecturers, researchers, published scientists) who are familiar with the relevant requirements and quality standards.

The support services of our academic reviewers

The core components of the preliminary report are, on the one hand, the independent scientific opinion and, on the other hand, the overall expert evaluation of your work according to the criteria of the respective department or university. The assessment, which comprises about three pages of standards, contains specific recommendations for correcting and revising key criteria such as argumentative plausibility, research relevance and method coherence. In order to reach an informed opinion about the quality of your scientific work, our academic reviewers analyze and evaluate the following aspects:

  • Innovation, originality, timeliness and relevance of the question
  • Selection and explanation of the research hypothesis
  • adequate consideration of the technical literature
  • Strictness of the reasoning (red thread)
  • Scientific implementation, solution approach and methodical compliance
  • Plausibility of the presentation, comprehensibility of the results
  • Compliance with citation and formalities
  • linguistic design, readability, formatting
  • other strengths, weaknesses and reserves of work

Benefit from a professional overall judgment

You are not sure whether your scientific work can withstand the rigorous evaluation criteria of your university or university? An academic preliminary report allows you to identify and correct any errors and weaknesses at an early stage. Get an objective judgment in good time and find out if there is any need for action before you finally submit your academic work for evaluation.

Our expert opinion is designed to enable students, undergraduates and postgraduates to improve their methodology through targeted correction recommendations. The localization of structural errors as well as advices on the content and style enhancement contribute to ensuring the academic submission or publication maturity of your manuscript and thus to achieve scientific quality at the highest level.

Our experts are at your disposal to optimize your scientific project.