Ghostwriting for scientific publications

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Scientific publications in journals and anthologies not only provide evidence of achievement for established scientists, they also serve to build reputation and help you in your academic career by presenting your research data. The list of scientific publications forms the core of every application for a professorship and other leading position in the academic field.

Ghostwriters are specialists in scientific publications

There are many reasons to pay more attention to the sometimes annoying duties of publishing – and this also in the stressful everyday life between research, teaching and life. Not only the number and quality of the scientific publication or the research data are important, the journal also plays an important role. Texts published in prestigious scientific journals are considered particularly valuable because they must withstand a rigorous peer review. If the scientific publication survives this process, it is regarded as adequately ennobled. We can assist you in a number of ways: Our academic ghostwriters formulate your scientific publication at the highest level in terms of content and language, carry out supplementary literature searches as needed, and also support you in the peer review process.

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For one of our academic authors to assist you with your scientific publication in a journal or an anthology, the content must first be precisely and completely recorded and then formulated independently. As an agency with 15 years of experience, we know the peculiarities associated with an academic publication: we understand ghostwriting as a scientific service. To ensure the best service and the highest quality, we employ only academics with practical experience in science and research to assist you in your scientific publication.

Reasons for a scientific publication

An academic publication will allow you to share your findings with the scientific community – thus, you will participate in the discourse of research and your text will gain in relevance within the branch of research with increasing citation. Your scholarly publication also indicates the time when you made the results – see it as patenting an invention and give your research its name.

Not only in terms of (academic) employment can support the scientific publication, it can also be the basis for research funding, which will be granted to you for further research.

Scientific publications for different departments

While academic publications in the humanities follow a less strictly defined structure and the textual structure is mostly oriented towards what appears to be reasonable in their own understanding, natural and social scientific publications follow a comparatively strict approach. Your publication in a journal begins in these fields with the title and authors (including co-authors), followed by an abstract that reflects the content of your scientific publication in a short time and refers to the results obtained. Only then do you present the actual topic of your publication in the form of the introduction, the methodological part, the results and the discussion.

Depending on the journal in which you intend to host your scientific publication, rigor and meticulousness are peer reviewed – and our authors will assist you when it comes to implementing change requests in order to adapt your scientific publication to the usual standards of the desired journal.

Help with medical publication

A special requirement of our Medical Writer is the medical paper in relation to a scientific publication. Here, the focus is often on evaluating medical data in order to present it to research. We not only support the statistical analysis of the data you collect for scientific publication – we also like to start earlier.

If you need help choosing the study design to plan in advance of your scientific publication, whether a design or experimental design is purposeful, our academic ghostwriters are there to help and advise you. Your scientific publication has already been written, your data has already been evaluated, the manuscript is already available to a journal and now it fails at the peer review? Our academic ghostwriters know what matters – helping you to meet specific needs such as citation, formatting, and all aspects of medical writing.